# How to manage menus

// Depending on the configuration of your instance of LocalGov Drupal you may not have the permision to manage menus and menu items. Please discuss this with your site administrator.

Visit the Menu Overview by:

  • navigating via Admin > Structure > Menus
  • visit yourdomain.gov.uk/admin/structure/menus

This page shows a table of all the menus in use in the website, with a description of each and an Edit Menu button for each row. If you don't see an Edit Menu button it means you don't have permission to edit the menu.

# Managing a menu

Click Edit Menu to see an outline of the menu items.

The Menu table has a draggable interface which allows menu items to be reordered.

Use the crosshairs at the far left of the table to drag the items up, down, left and right.

Keyboard users can tab to the crosshair and use arrow keys to move an item up, down, left and right.

A item's children appear below, and indented right.

If you can't see the crosshairs click the "Hide weights" button.

Click Save to keep the changes.

# Weights

If needed you can click the "Show weights" button which will allow you to reorder items based on numerical input.

Weight defines the relative rank of your menu entry. Items appear in decending numerical order, with something with the weight of 1 appearing before something with the weight of 5. An item with the weight of -1 will appear before something with the weight of 1.

Weight applies within siblings only, and will not affect parent / child / cousin weights.