# Skeleton theme (Deprecated)

# Deprecated

This documentation is for the original localgov_theme and the associated localgov_skeleton theme, which have been superceded by the localgov_base theme (opens new window) documentation for which is in production.

GitHub Repository (opens new window)

The base theme we encourage you to use to build upon. The theme offers no styling or javascript functionality whatsoever and only contains twig templates.

The base theme it's based on is classy and it sets up several regions you might need and are used in our frontend theme.

There are currently no preprocess hooks written.

# Regions

Full list of regions set in the localgov_skeleton.info.yml:

  header: "Header"
  search: "Search"
  mobile_search: "Mobile search"
  primary_menu: "Primary menu"
  secondary_menu: "Secondary menu"
  banner: "Banner"
  breadcrumb: "Breadcrumb"
  messages: "Messages"
  content_top: "Content top"
  content: "Content"
  content_bottom: "Content bottom"
  sidebar_first: "Sidebar first"
  sidebar_second: "Sidebar second"
  footer_first: "Footer first"
  footer_second: "Footer second"
  disabled: "Disabled"