# Testing methodology

We use these testing methods to identify accessibility issues and ensure conformance with the target WCAG level:

  • Automated testing as an initial check only (automated testing for accessibiltiy has major limitations and can only cover a small number of success criteria)
  • Manual testing
  • Basic screen reader testing
  • User testing where possible

# Scope

These tests are applied to all content generated by LocalGov Drupal core and modules, covering mark-up, functionality, and presentational elements.

X% success criteria coverage. [TODO] Statement on why not 100%.

Adopters of the distribution should undertake testing on their own implementations, and ideally seek an independent external accessibility audit to validate conformance.

# HTML validation

Valid, semantic HTML is the foundation of web accessibility. An HTML validator can detect many issues which impact accessibility.

Validate markup, fix all errors, and review all warnings before undertaking any accessibility testing.

# Validation tools

For a single page, the Web Developer browser extension provides a direct validation link under the Tools section, supporting both remote and local document validation.

For validation of multiple URLs, or to crawl a site, there are several options:

# Tests

See the full list of tests