# Overview

A brief overview of LocalGov Drupal and its features.

LocalGov Drupal is the publishing platform created by councils, for councils.

It is built and maintained by a community of developers, content designers and digital leaders from local councils across the UK. Web teams love the freedom, flexibility and community. Find out more about the benefits for web teams.

# Services introduction

# Documentation on Services

Provides the pages and navigation for presenting the Services provided by Local Government. A part of the LocalGov Drupal distribution.

The feature contains the following content types:

  • Service Landing page - the top level section for each service.
  • Service Sub-landing page - detail and links to specific pages within a service.
  • Service Page - the basic page that can be placed in a service, and on a Service Sub-landing page.
  • Service Status - an optional additional type for providing updates about a the status of a service.

Other content types in the LocalGov Drupal distribution can also optionally be linked into service sections and referenced from Service Sub-landing pages.

# Examples in the wild

Brighton's Rubbish service page - see link above Croydon's Adult Health service page - see link above

# How to log issues

# Alert Banners introduction

# Documentation on Alert Banners

The LocalGov Drupal Alert Banner module provides alert banners that can be placed sitewide or on selected pages. The modules provides one predefined banner type named Alert banner, with four alert types: Announcement, Minor Alert, Major Alert, and Death of a notable person.

Visitors can close individual Alert Banners, thereby preventing the banners from being displayed again. Editors can manage a number of different banners, and choose which ones are published at any given time.

Administrators can create additional banner types, and configure the alert types for each one.

Typical usage scenario:

  • Administrator creates new alert type(s) for the Alert banner.
  • Site editors create new banners, decide where and when all the banners are displayed.

# News introduction

# Documentation on News

Provides the pages and navigation for presenting News Articles. An optional part of the LocalGov Drupal distribution.

# Overview

When you enable this feature you will get:

  • News Article content type
  • Newsroom content type
  • News editor role

A single Newsroom is created on installation, which will list all News Articles by default. There will be up to three “featured” News Articles listed at the top of the page.

The Newsroom page will display a search and filters block, allowing end-users to filter the list of news by date and category.

If multiple Newsrooms are created the News Editor will be given the option to choose to associate a News Article with a single Newsroom.

# Examples in the wild

Screenshot from Brighton and Hove, showing th B&H Newsroom, description below

Image description: The Brighton and Hove Newsroom shows three promoted News Articles, with blocks promoting the Newsletter. Below the Latest articles with a sidebar allowing Search, or browsing by category.

London Councils Newsroom, description below Image description: London Councils have used the News room for their Press Releases. This screenshot showing three features News Articles, the Latest News Articles and a Contact our Media Team block in the sidebar .

# Other Features

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