Beta This documentation is a work in progress

LocalGov Drupal Microsites is currently in development. As of 8th December 2022 it is in Beta.

LocalGov Microsites is a Drupal distribution designed by and developed for local councils in the UK in order to help them manage their microsites.

The definition: A microsite is a brand-specific website (or a single web page) that councils use to promote individual services, products, events, or campaigns.

The need: Councils had no easy way to create microsites when needed. This meant they permitted independently developed sites. This was at great cumulative cost, and meant that councils had less control over the content, and no oversight of the sites that were created. Frequently, councils are left with many out-of-date or even contradictory legacy sites.

The solution: A centrally managed system to create, manage and destroy multiple sites for councils. These sites can have different editors, content, domains and appearance.

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  1. Should I build a microsite or not?
  2. What does LocalGov Drupal Microsites come with?
  3. How do I do what I need to do?