# Getting involved!

We're very excited to have you interested in this project and there are many venues of involvement you can have. Make sure you read the contribution guidelines (opens new window).

  1. Share our project with your colleagues and your social media

  2. Start using our project and contribute back

  3. View our public roadmap (opens new window))

👈 You can also view one of the specific areas from the sidebar.

# Communication

You can join our Slack group if you have any questions or want to jump into discussions.

Code of conduct coming soon...

# Documentation

Writing and testing our documentation is very helpful to everyone. On every page you will find a link to "Help us improve this page" that takes you to an editable page in markdown, so you can quickly open a pull request (PR) on GitHub to make any changes.

If you want to get setup locally, the README (opens new window) is the best place to start. Then you can just open a PR with your changes, every PR will get tested and show you a preview automatically.