# How to add WYSIWYG styles

Components added in the flow of your page body can be selected from the WYSIWYG 'styles dropdown'.

You can choose from the following component styles:

  • Alert info
  • Alert warning
  • Alert failure
  • Alert success
  • Callout primary
  • Callout success
  • Callout danger
  • Callout teal
  • Callout carbon
  • Callout yellow
  • Highlight

The available style options may appear different to those listed on this page.

# Applying component styles

Follow these steps to apply component styles in the editor of Drupal.

# Step 1

When editing your page in Drupal add the content that requires component styling to the ‘Body’ editor.

# Step 2

Click and drag to highlight the content that requires component styling.

# Step 3

Click the styles dropdown and choose the component style option you require.

# Step 4

To check the component styling has been applied, highlight your content again and you will see the chosen style appears as the title of the styles drop select.