# How tos

A series of how-to guides to using different content types and content management in LocalGov Drupal.

Created by digital teams from councils across the UK, LocalGov Drupal sets content designers free.

The combination of evidence based, collaborative product design puts the needs of content designers (and service users) at the heart of things.

The intuitive user interface provides a fantastic experience for editors alongside an array of useful tools for those who regularly work with the platform.

It is a tried and tested platform that provides better site structures, more streamlined content and consistent, best practice, accessible designs.

Much of the heavy lifting is already done, leaving you to be more creative.

The final product that councils create with our platform gives service users an excellent front end experience, thanks to this unique structure, design and content approach.

Videos by Ben Hills-Jones of Cumbria Council, with post-production from Adam Callaghan.