# Testing

If you have some time, please do test any aspect of LocalGov Drupal and feedback any problems, questions or suggestions via the issue queues on Github.

There are a number of project repositories in the LocalGovDrupal (opens new window) organisation.

If your issue is clearly with a specific project, feel free to create a new issue in the relevant issue queue.

If in doubt, please feel free to create a new issue on the main LocalGov Drupal install profile repository (opens new window)

# Manual testing

Both manual testing and automated testing have a part to play. If you can install LocalGov Drupal locally and test any aspect of the project, that will generate valuable contributions.

# Automated testing

We aim to have at least partial automated test coverage for all features in LocalGov Drupal. You can run individual tests locally and help to increase test coverage by improving existing tests or writing new tests.

A guide to running, writing and debugging tests will follow.

# Ideas for areas to test

There are many areas of testing you can help out with, some of which are not necessarily too technical. Some ideas are below:

  • Testing the written documentation

  • Accessibility testing the admin and frontend themes

  • Unit testing for custom modules and Drupal configuration by LocalGov

  • Testing open pull requests

  • Reproducing reported issues by other users

  • Extending the existing suite of automated tests

  • Performance and compatibility testing

If you have any other ideas, please dive in!