# Development

We're always looking for people to contribute code, issue reports and bugfixes. Before you get into development we recommend you get started on a local project and play around with it so you can understand how it works and be sure to visit the issue queue of each project.

# Frontend

Our base theme is the LocalGov Skeleton (opens new window) which only provides base templates as defaults so that we can abstract some functionality and expectations out of the main theme.

The LocalGov Theme (opens new window) is what we provide out of the box for adopters of this distribution, it does come with styling and functionality out of the box and it aims to be customisable and entirely usable with minimal changes required for a functioning website.

You also have the option to make a subtheme of it if that's what you want. How-to guides for that process is currently in progress (opens new window).

# Drupal and backend

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