# Technical Group - Overview

# Aim

Ensure LocalGov Drupal is the most technically advanced web platform for councils on the market with a sustainable, friendly community of contributors.

# Domain (area of authority)

[Clear definition of the remit, area of authority, assumed responsibilities and activities]

# Governance

  • Resolve disputes or issues related to the code, such as differences of opinion on the technical direction of a new feature
  • Decide the level of access contributors have
  • Define conduct guidelines for contributors
  • Define development processes and coding standards
  • Define the criteria for membership of the technical group so that it is sustainable and diverse

# Operations and Support

  • Ensure code quality, accessibility and security is maintained
  • Ensure issue queues are being monitored and responded to
  • Ensure features have accurate, up-to-date documentation
  • Monitor technical resource so that we can allocate time to support / code reviews / bug fixing
  • Coordinate onboarding help to new developers so that we increase the pool of developers
  • Coordinate technical support to developers and users of LocalGov Drupal

# Communication

  • Share what developers are working on e.g. modules & issues
  • Ensure users of LocalGov Drupal are hearing about how others are using it so that others, such as the core project and councils, can benefit
  • Help the Communications Group communicate the feature set and technical capabilities of LocalGov Drupal to potential users and councils

# Technical infrastructure

  • Oversee and maintain the technical infrastructure for hosting code repositories and demo sites.

# People and Roles

Time commitment: suggested minimum 2 hours / week

# Current members

  • Finn Lewis (Open Code)
  • Maria Young (Agile Collective)
  • Stephen Cox(Agile Collective)
  • Ekes (Kester) (ekes)
  • Andy Broomfield (Brighton & Hove City Council)
  • Mark Conroy (mark.ie)
  • Harry Barnard (TPX Impact)

# Previous members:

  • Dan Champion,
  • Mike Carter (Ixis)
  • Jack Hiron(CTI - previously )
  • Adnan (Croydon Council)
  • Andrew Smith (Waltham Forest)




Notes on roles: roles may rotate every three months or thereabouts (to be decided)

Leader pays attention to the aim and domain (operations) of the working group and its members, reports to wider team as needed

Facilitator facilitates working group meetings, pays attention to equivalence during meetings, prepares agenda for working group meetings

Note-taker makes sure meeting notes are taken, supports planning of agenda, keeps track of all documents of the circle and ensures they are stored logically

Member: committer with enough time and experience to contribute to the group.

# Meetings

  1. Merge Tuesday, 12:00 - 13:00 (weekly)

Review current pull requests with an aim to merging and releasing bug fixes and minor updates.

  1. Technical Drop-in, weekly on Thursdays, 15:00 - 16:00

Anyone welcome to bring technical questions and get support from other Drupal LocalGov Drupal developers.

  1. Technical Group Goveranance - monthly

Meeting of the technical group to review ongoing governance issues.

# Communications

Slack channel: https://localgovdrupal.slack.com/archives/CSE44GLSE

Task management: https://github.com/orgs/localgovdrupal/projects/23