# Manage microsite editors and admins


  • Drupal user: an account associated with a single person on the control site.
  • Drupal roles: universal set of permissions to be assigned to a user. (Microsite controller, Trusted editor)
  • Microsite roles: microsite specific set of permisions that are assigned to a microsite member. (Microsite admin, Microsite editor)
  • Microsite members: people with a microsite role - given on a microsite by microsite basis.

# Inviting people to administrate and edit a microsite.

See Roles


  • You'll need to be a Microsite admin or Microsite controller.
  • Log in to the microsite on its unique domain.
  1. Visit Invitations
  2. Click "Invite member"
  3. Enter the email address, if you want them to be a Microsite admin, check the box.
  4. Save

Add microsite invitation, showing the invitee email field, plus the checkbox to make them an admin and a Save button

# Invitation workflow (new user)

  1. [Microsite admin] Send an invite
  2. [New user] Receive an email to set up an account
  3. [New user] Set up new account on the website via email link
  4. [New user] Receive an email to accept invitation
  5. [New user] Accept invitation on the website via email link

Drupal notice alerting the new user that they have a pending group invitation

The Invitations page showing the pending invitation

Note: Microsite members are assigned/unassigned the "Trusted editor" Drupal role automatically.

# Invitation workflow (exisiting user)

If someone already exists on the control site (they may be a member of another microsite already), they will skip steps 2 & 3 above.