Alpha This documentation is a work in progress

# Overview of Features

Multiple microsites served from a single code and database. The sites can live on individual domains, be managed by different teams and have distinct visual identities.

# Content

# Flexible layouts

Multicolumn layouts and rich content available on each page type.

  • One, two or three column layouts, with an option of widths and colour schemes.
  • Rich content eg:
    • Accordion
    • Call out box
    • Video etc ...

Read: how to create fancy layouts

# Site appearance

Each microsite can have a distinct visual appearance.

The Microsite admin can use the Site design user interface (UI) to set up the site's branding: including colours, fonts and logos to be set as well as header and footer content.

For more complex layouts, the site design can be quickly changed by creating a child theme of localgov_microsites_base.

Read: Appearance

# Site settings

The Microsite admin has access to the Site settings panel, where they can install the right set of features for the site.

# Technical

Modules in the localgov ecosystem are extended in localgov_microsites_group to make them compatible with group, and add addtional features.

For example:

Events: localgov_events is extended in localgov_microsites_group:localgov_microsite_events to

  • Enable events as Group content
  • Set the correct permissions
  • Enable the additional banner and rich content fields