# Step by step

# When to use a step-by-step page

Step-by-step pages are useful if you're creating content where the user has to follow a process.

This could include

  • registering for something
  • applying for something
  • renewing something
  • resetting a password

Examples Examples include:

  • converting civil partnership
  • registering a death
  • help signing in to My Account

# How-to: add a Step by Step

# Step-by-step landing page

Before the steps on a landing page, you should avoid having too much copy as it pushes the steps further down the page making them hard to find, especially on mobile devices.

You should only include no more than 3 to 4 sentences, or an alert box – if there is something you need to warn users about or there's information that is out of the usual way of doing things.

# Step-by-step titles

You should include 'step by step' in the title of your page. This makes it clear to the user that this is a process to follow.