# Guide Pages

# When to use a guide page

Guide pages are useful when you want to group together a collection of connected pages. If there's content that's relative to the user completing a task, but it doesn't follow a strict process, you should use the guide format.

They are useful if you want to give someone a range of information on one subject. The user can use the 'Next' button to move through the guide. However, they do not need to read every page in order, like in a step-by-step.


Examples include:

  • types of animal welfare licences.
  • changing a birth record
  • coroners
  • sheltered housing

# When to use other content types

A guide page is similar to a service sub page. A service sub page however is used to group things together more broadly in an index. A guide creates section navigation and is used for more specific groupings of information.

# How-to: Creating Guides