Alpha This documentation is a work in progress

# News

Use news to list your latest news articles. News articles can be categorised, filtered and searched.

Microsites have localgov_news enabled by default. The site's Microsite admin may choose to disable this feature.

The fields are identical to those in localgov_news except we've extended news with the following features:

A news article may have two types of banner, which displays at the top of the page.

  • Primary banner: image, text and optional link
  • Secondary banner: image

# Layout and rich content

Add one or more page sections, each of which can have 1, 2 or 3 columns, background colours and an option of width and padding. Add content via a rich range of content sections. See the How to add fancy layouts

# How to

# Quick set up

  1. Add Topic terms
  2. Add a Newsroom
  3. Add one or more News articles

# Embedding a list of latest news

You can embed a list of latest news with the Embed content lists content section. This will show up to 5 recent news articles on the current site, though you can override how many in the widget.

# Technical

Microsites brings in localgov_news. This is extended in localgov_microsites_group:localgov_microsites_news to integrate with Group and microsites, and add the additional features we need.