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# Editorial features

# Accessibility checker (localgov_sa11y)

When you are logged in you will see a small icon in the bottom right of the screen. This scans the content on the page and gives you feedback on the accessibility of your content.

Hidden behind the settings tab, there's even a Readability checker, which will give you feedback on the reading level of the content. Read more about WCAG's criterion on Reading Level (opens new window).

# Autosave

Content editors may find the new autosave feature useful. When you navigate away from a page, and come back to it you'll be offered to retrieve the unsaved version.

# Preview


# Responsive preview


# Choice of admin themes

We can't decide between Claro and Gin as our favourite admin theme, so we've offered you both. A microsite admin can choose between admin themes on a site by site basis.