Alpha This documentation is a work in progress

# Directories

Directories provide a way for editors to present content as a list which can be searched and filtered by end-users.

This feature can be enabled (or disabled) on a microsite by the site's Microsite admin.

There are three types of content available out-of-the-box:

  • Directory page
  • Directory venue
  • Directory promo page

With these it is possible to create directories for all sorts of things, for example:

  • information and help
  • local services
  • venues
  • stalls in a Christmas market

# How to

# Quick set up

  1. Add a Directory Facet type
  2. Add some Directory terms
  3. Add a Directory Channel, choose the content types available for this channel
  4. Add a Directory page

# Technical

Microsites brings in localgov_directories. This is extended in localgov_microsites_group:localgov_microsites_directories to integrate with Group and microsites.