# Workflows: Technical

# Introduction

Default editorial workflow for LocalGov Drupal content.

LocalGov Workflows (localgov_workflows) provides a Drupal content moderation workflow, a content approvals dashboard, content scheduling and content preview.

The content workflow consists of draft, review, published and archived states with permissions for the editor, author and contributor roles defined in localgov_roles (a submodule of localgov_core).

Content scheduling uses the Drupal Scheduled Transitions module.

Content preview is provided by the Preview Link and Responsive Preview modules.

LocalGov Review Date (localgov_review_date) is an optional feature.

See also the overview for Content designers

# Requirements

# LocalGov Roles

core_version_requirement: ^8.8 || ^9

  - role_delegation:role_delegation

# LocalGov Workflow

  - drupal:content_moderation
  - drupal:node
  - drupal:views
  - diff:diff
  - preview_link:preview_link
  - responsive_preview:responsive_preview
  - scheduled_transitions:scheduled_transitions
  - localgov_core:localgov_core
  - localgov_core:localgov_roles

# LocalGov Review Date

  - drupal:content_moderation
  - drupal:datetime
  - drupal:node
  - drupal:views
  - scheduled_transitions:scheduled_transitions
  - localgov_workflows:localgov_workflows

# Permissions

The following roles are defined by the localgov_roles module.

  • Editor - can publish all content
  • Author - can publish their own content
  • Contributor - can draft new content
  • User manager - can add new users and assign roles

# Basic Configuration

# LocalGov Review Date

The LocalGov Review Date feature has configuration allowing the scheduling of content from one state to another, and allows for setting a per content "Review date".

Content editors can set a review date for each piece of content. On this date a revision of the content with the state of Needs Review will be created automatically. All content in this state will appear in the Needs review tab of the Content Moderation admin view.

  • Admin > Content > Needs review
  • /admin/content/localgov_review

# Default Review Date

A site administrator can override the default next review date from a year, to any of the following options:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 18 months
  • 2 years
  • 3 years

Update the configuration by visiting:

  • Admin > Configuration > Workflows > LocalGov Review Date
  • /admin/config/workflow/localgov-review-date

# Scheduled transitions

To manage which types of content can be scheduled visit:

  • Admin > Configuration > Workflows > Scheduled transitions settings
  • /admin/config/workflow/scheduled-transitions

# Advanced

# LocalGov Roles

# Adding default permissions

Modules that wish to provide default permissions for these roles can implement hook_localgov_roles_default(). An example can be found in the test module tests/localgov_roles_test_one/localgov_roles_test_one.module.

function hook_localgov_roles_default() {
  return [
    // @codingStandardsIgnoreLine
    \Drupal\localgov_roles\RolesHelper::ROLE_CONSTANT => [
      'name of permission',
      'name of another permission',

If you can be certain that this module is included you can import the namespace with a use statement and don't need to use the fully-qualified name, at which point you can use the alias and drop the codingStandardsIgnoreLine.

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