# Working with Gitpod

Gitpod is a cloud development environment. Using Gitpod can help you get LocalGov Drupal up and running quickly, without needing to set up a local development environment. It's more like a local development environment than a production environment, and is intended for you to try out LocalGov Drupal, not for running live websites.

# Before you start

  1. Sign up for gitpod.io (opens new window), if you haven't already.

# Try it out:

  1. Click on the "Open in Gitpod" button below

Open in Gitpod (opens new window)

  1. Your environment is being prepared, wait about a minute.
  2. VSCode code editor will be displayed.
  3. Various commands will run in the terminal at the bottom of the screen. Wait for these to complete.
  4. You'll get a link to your LocalGov Drupal site in a message like this. Ctrl-click the long link to open the LocalGov Drupal website in a new tab
Project can be reached at https://8080-essexcounty-localgovpro-i5qq2u8hn9l.ws-eu81.gitpod.io
  1. Log in with the credentials admin and admin.

If you later make the site public, make sure you change the username and password - otherwise anyone with the link could control your site. By default, the project is not made public, so this is not an issue.

# Adding demo content

The LocalGov Drupal demo content showcases a lot of the content types in LocalGov Drupal. Enabling this will make your website look like https://demo.localgovdrupal.org. To do this:

  1. Go to the Gitpod window
  2. In the terminal at the bottom of the page, type ddev drush en localgov_demo

# Installing modules and testing branches

Our how to guides include step by step instructions for installing new Drupal modules and testing LGD work in progress.