# Custom modules

Documentation of custom modules configuration.

Custom module name Machine name Description optional
LocalGov Alert Banner localgov_alert_banner Provides a sitewide alert banner for urgent alerts. yes
LocalGov Core localgov_core LocalGov Drupal helper functions and core dependencies. no
LocalGov Demo Content localgov_demo Example content for demonstrating the LocalGov Drupal distribution and to help with development. yes
LocalGov Directories localgov_directories Example content for demonstrating the LocalGov Drupal distribution and to help with development. yes
LocalGov Directories Location localgov_directories_location Provides location fields and functionality for directory entries. yes
LocalGov Directories Page localgov_directories_page Provides a basic entry type for directory channels. yes
LocalGov Directories Venue localgov_directories_venue Provides a standard venue type for directory channels. yes
LocalGov Drupal homepage paragraphs localgov_homepage_paragraphs Paragraph bundles used in the LocalGov Drupal homepage.
LocalGov Events localgov_events Provides events for LocalGov Drupal.
LocalGov Full page Alert Banner localgov_alert_banner_full_page Provides a full page alert banner for urgent alerts. no
LocalGov Geo localgov_geo Entity for storing geodata, with location and geocoding. no
LocalGov Geo Address localgov_geo Geo bundle for storing point and address. no
LocalGov Geo Area localgov_geo_area Geo bundle for storing polygons. no
LocalGov Guides localgov_guides Guides with overview, pages, and navigation.
LocalGov Media localgov_media LocalGov Media configuration.
LocalGov menu link group localgov_menu_link_group Present menu links in groups.
LocalGov News: Core localgov_news Base module shared for LocalGov News with news article content type and optional Newsroom sub-module.
Localgov Page Components localgov_page_components Disguise "Paragraphs library" as "Page components" for better UX.
LocalGov Paragraphs localgov_paragraphs Provides core paragraph components for the LocalGov Drupal distribution.
LocalGov Roles localgov_roles Default user roles.
LocalGov Search localgov_search Sitewide search for LocalGov Drupal
LocalGov Services: Core localgov_services Base module shared for LocalGov Services. It won't do anything on its own. Enable LocalGov Services Landing page module.
LocalGov Services: Landing page localgov_services_landing Top level Services.
LocalGov Services: Navigation localgov_services_navigation Navigation shared by Services Pages, and external pages that link into Services.
LocalGov Services: Page localgov_services_page Basic page content within a service.
LocalGov Services: Status page localgov_services_status Status updates related to a service landing page.
LocalGov Services: Sub Landing page localgov_services_sublanding Services second level pages.
LocalGov Step by step localgov_step_by_step Provides the Step by step page.
LocalGov Subsites localgov_subsites Provides subsite sections using page builder paragraph types for LocalGovDrupal.
LocalGov Subsites Paragraphs localgov_subsites_paragraphs Page builder paragraph types for use with LocalGov Subsites.
LocalGov Topics localgov_topics Topic taxonomy and related functionality for theLocalGovDrupal distribution. yes
LocalGov Workflows localgov_workflows Provides the default editorial workflow for content types. no