# Content types

A full list of content types.

Name Description Menu Simple sitemap
Directory channel Main directory landing page. main false
Directory page A simple directory entry. main false
Directory venue A venue entry with location. main false
Event An event to appear in the events listing and optionally integrate into a directory. main true
Guide overview Main guide page. main true
Guide page Page associated with a guide overview page. main true
News article A stand-alone news article that may also appear in a news listing page. none true
Newsroom A page for listing and featuring news articles. main true
Service landing page Top level section page for each service. main true
Service page Basic page that can be placed in a service and on a service sub landing page. main true
Service status Page to display the status of a service on its service landing page and status lists. main true
Service sub-landing page Pages for detail and links to specific pages within a service. main true
Step by step overview Main step by step page. main true
Step by step page Step page associated with a step by step overview page. main true
Subsite overview Main subsite landing page. main false
Subsite page General subsite pages attached to an overview page. main false