# Paragraph types

Full list of paragraph types.


# All paragraphs

Paragraph name machine name Available on
Accordion localgov_accordion Accordion pane paragraph
Accordion pane localgov_accordion_pane Subsite page
Banner primary localgov_banner_primary Subsite
Banner secondary localgov_banner_secondary Subsite
Block view localgov_block_view Subsite page
Box link localgov_box_link Subsite , Box links listing paragraph
Box links listing localgov_box_links_listing Subsite page
Call out box localgov_call_out_box Subsite
Contact localgov_contact ??
Documents localgov_documents Subsite
Fact box localgov_fact_box Subsite
Featured campaign localgov_featured_campaign
Featured subsite localgov_featured_subsite Subsite overview
Featured teaser localgov_featured_teaser featured teasers paragraph
Featured teasers localgov_featured_teasers Subsite
From library from_library
IA block localgov_ia_block Subsite overview
Image localgov_image Subsite
Key contact item localgov_key_contact_item Key contacts paragraph
Key contacts localgov_key_contacts Subsite
Key fact localgov_key_fact Key facts paragraph
Key facts localgov_key_facts Subsite
Labelled icon localgov_labelled_icon Subsite overview
Link localgov_link
Link and summary localgov_link_and_summary Subsite
Media with text localgov_media_with_text Subsite
Newsroom teaser localgov_newsroom_teaser Subsite overview
Page section page_section Subsite
Quote localgov_quote Subsite
Subscribe panel localgov_subscribe_panel Subsite overview
Table localgov_table Subsite
Tab panel localgov_tab_panel Tabs paragraph
Tabs localgov_tabs Subsite
Text localgov_text Subsite
Topic list builder topic_list_builder ??
Video localgov_video Subsite

# Reuseable paragraphs

There is a paragraph library available, in which paragraph items can be created and reused on the site. This has been intially set up for Service Pages, but could be extended for Subsites too.